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Thomasina Coates commitment to service is widely established and I am very proud of what I have accomplished over the past 3 years.

Economic Development – A strong economy is a great revenue source

  • Co-Chaired task Force advocating and making recommendation for services and grant opportunities for businesses and non-profits to spur economic stability.
  • Passed local legislation authorizing Charles County HOA Board to conduct hearings.
  • Support the revitalization efforts of the Bryan's Road and White Plains via sub-area plan to bring needed amenities and a commercial tax base to what was once a thriving community. 
  • Co-sponsored the designation of “Charles County Technology Corridor” to be within the Bryan’s Road and Indian Head area to bring visibility and spur economic growth.
  • Lead the charge to conduct the first ever Disparity Study, enabling Charles County Government to set aside aspirational goals affording minority businesses the opportunity to bid on those and other contracts.

Quality Public Education – Every student matters, every student counts

  • Fully funded Charles County Public Schools to include preparation for Blueprint for Maryland.
  • Funded $700,000 in College of Southern Maryland (CSM) scholarships for students impacted by financial challenges.
  • Funded a book exchange Kiosk for the western side of the community,

Environmental programs - Resiliency and Sustainability

  • Community garden program teaching children and families about food sustainability.
  • Established a Climate Resiliency Board to address climate change and stormwater management.

Workforce and accessible Housing – Support housing opportunities for all

  • Funding provided for Tiny Homes project in response to transitioning from homelessness to homeownership.
  • Work with interested Developers in bringing workforce and accessible housing projects to our community.

Infrastructure - Actively responding with solutions to traffic congestion and closing the digital divide

  • Broadband service implementation as a top priority in rural and underserved areas underway.
  • VanGo bus shelters and stops added to unserved areas of the County.
  • Federal and State funding for Light Rail (SMRT) study to reduce carbon footprint and traffic congestion.
  • M-495 Fast Ferry Boat Steering Committee advocated for Ferry boat passenger transportation in Charles County.
  • MTA to study a commuter bus park and ride location in Charles County.
  • Hiker/Biker trail study requested from Indian Head to Bryan’s Road.

Public Safety - No. 1 priority

  • Funded an unprecedented $100 million budget (30% of county budget) for public safety needs, recruitment, body worn camera’s, services and transportation.

Quality of Life (Social Justice) - Improving the lives of all

  • Hired first Chief Equity Officer to address diversity, equity and inclusion in County Government and community.
  • Resolution “Senior Citizen Community for Life”, committed to senior citizen services and affordable housing.
  • Legislation to enable Charles County Government employees to unionize.
  • Funded “Wheels to Wellness” doctor’s appointment transportation program.
  • Funded mobile behavioral health crisis unit through in partnership with the Health Department.
  • Funded recreational assistance (Rec Assist) program.
  • Partnered with Delegate Patterson and Senator Ellis to secure a Sports Betting license for the Riverboat to include a community benefits agreement for the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Partnered with Senator Ellis to secure funding for a Boys and Girls Club, and study for the Waldorf Sports and Wellness Center.
  • Funded non-profit organizations millions to service citizens impacted by late mortgages, rentals, utilities and other needed services.
  • Held workshops to assist Nanjemoy residents with deeding aired property to assist with Broadband and basic housing needs.

By Authority of Vote Thomasina Coates, Karen Selby, Treasurer
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