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Within the Last 4 years

My commitment to service is widely established and I am proud of my accomplishments, bringing needed services and resources to businesses and citizens of Charles County:

  • Broadband service to rural and unserved areas;
  • Partnership with Bowie State Minority Broadband and training program to service broadband in under-serviced area’s;
  • Advocated for online food purchase program for food insecurity families during COVID;
  • Advocated for family homeless shelter and resources; Introduced resolution “Senior Citizen Community for Life”;
  • Advocated for COVID services and resources to citizens, businesses and non-profits;
  • Introduced legislation to authorize Charles County HOA Board to conduct hearings;
  • Funded schools above Maintenance of Effort; Revitalize Bryan’s Road with the introduction of the Bryan’s Road sub-area plan;
  • Supported Community garden programs to teach children and families food sustainability;
  • Introduced Nanjemoy Rural Legacy program;
  • Advocated for workforce and affordable housing, Funded the Disparity Study to bring more minority businesses to Charles County and award government contracts;
  • Made recommendations to PGM software upgrade to support builders and developers permitting process;
  • With the support of Sierra Club recommended food composting project;
  • Partnered with Melwood, Piscataway Tribe and Health department to hold COVID vaccination clinics;
  • Held a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Townhall to discuss the barriers and challenges of DEI;
  • Brought Union membership opportunities to Charles County employees;
  • Advocated for grant opportunities for small businesses and non-profits;
  • Supported funding for Wheels to Wellness transportation program – transport seniors and those in need of transportation to doctor appointments;
  • Facilitated meeting with Lennar builder and homeowner’s to resolve complaints;
  • Recommended 400k Scholarship program for CSM students;
  • Designated Bryan’s Road and Indian Head area “Charles County Technology Corridor”;
  • Added a VanGo bus shelter and bus stop to needed areas of Charles County;
  • Supported State funding for Light Rail (SMRT) study, to reduce our carbon footprint and traffic congestion;

  • Support technology projects in Western Charles County to spur economic development;

  • Provided funding for a Mobile Behavioral Health Crisis Unit;
  • Established funding for Billingsley Road safe road study;
  • Introduced Parks & Recreational financial assistance (Rec Assist) to afford families the opportunity to participate;
  • Provided software recommendations to PGM for timely permitting process;
  • Recommended environmental food composting project in partnership with Sierra Club;
  • Advocated alongside Delegate Patterson and Senator Ellis for a Sports Betting License for the Riverboat located in Virginia, but over Maryland waters in Charles County, to include a Community Benefits agreement for a Boys and Girls club in Charles County;
  • Advocated with Senator Ellis to Maryland Stadium Authority for funding for a Bryan’s Road Boys and Girls club and Waldorf Multi-Culture and Amphitheater Center;
  • Partnership with M-495 Fast Ferry Boat Stakeholders to bring Ferry boat passenger transportation to Charles County;
  • Advocated for MTA Commuter bus service in Western Charles County;
  • Support study to extend Indian Head Boardwalk to Northbound;
  • Economic Development partnerships and job creations -- Funding for programs at CSM Velocity Center, and BombTech, a bomb detection training, Dedication of Shaw Medstar, Kaiser Permanente, Liedle and many others;
  • Incentivized developers to fix up blighted properties;
  • Advocated for mortgage and rental assistance for families in need.  

By Authority of Vote Thomasina Coates, Karen Selby, Treasurer
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